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Custom Cake FAQ

Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

How far do you deliver?

We deliver within 30 minutes of driving time from either of our two locations. Further travel is possible upon request.

What is the delivery charge?

Within 30 minutes of our Woodstock facility: $75. For all other delivery prices please contact us for a quote. (

When will the cake be delivered?

We deliver your cake the same day as your event & will coordinate with you or your planner concerning the time and placement.

Is a deposit required?

No, we do not require a deposit; however, we do require full payment 2 weeks before your event.

When is final payment due?

We will contact you 1 month prior to your event to confirm your final guest count & any other details. At that time, your final payments will be calculated & due.

When should I expect to hear back from you?

Whether you’ve called us (678-608-4800) & left a voicemail or you’ve emailed us (, you should expect a return call or email within 48-72 hours. We may have our hands full at the moment but do check our messages daily.

How far in advance should I place my order?

We recommend placing your order 1 month before your delivery date or 2 weeks before your pick-up date. If the date requested is booked, we will contact you immediately. Shorter time frames may be possible, please contact us for availability. ( If the event is on a popular weekend (e.g. Labor Day or Memorial Day), we recommend 2 months in advance.

Do you ship cakes?

Not yet, sorry.

How many servings should I order?

One slice per guest is needed when serving the cake to the table as a plated dessert. If you are serving the cake at a station, we recommend servings equal to 80% of your guest count. If the cake is part of a sweets table with an extensive selection, then you may only need servings for what equals 50% of your guest count.

I’m not sure how many people I will have at my event yet, how do I calculate what to order?

Please give us a reasonable estimate of how many guests you are expecting. We will confirm your order two weeks before your event & at that time you may adjust the amount of cake needed.

How is the size of my cake determined?

The number of servings will determine the size of your cake tiers.

Is there a minimum order?


Fondant vs. Buttercream vs. Whipped Cream/Mousse?

Fondant: our homemade marshmallow fondant is a sugar dough rolled thin and molded over a layer of buttercream coated cake. Its taste is sweet, its texture is a bit chewy and its finish is matte as long as the weather is dry.

Buttercream: we use an Italian buttercream that is delightfully rich but not too sweet. Its versatile texture & taste compliment all cakes & fillings.

Whipped Cream/Mousse: light, fluffy, & the least sweet of our three options. Ours is an all-natural product offered in a variety of different flavors; however, it is the most delicate of your choices. Whipped Cream/Mousse cakes require well air-conditioned environments or refrigeration up until an hour to ninety minutes prior to cutting.

Does temperature affect what finish/filling I should select?

If your reception is in an air-conditioned room, no. If your reception is outdoors, care will be taken in timing and placing regardless of your cakes finish. Neither fondant, buttercream, nor whipped cream should sit outside in warm temperatures for an extended period of time. We do not offer tiered whipped cream cakes during the summer months. This being said, there are exceptions that can be made upon request.

Will it save money to have a small display cake with side cakes that go directly to the kitchen for serving?

Creating a smaller “display cake” to serve fewer guests while having sheet cakes in the back to serve everyone could lower your grand total.

How far in advance should I schedule a consultation?

We suggest scheduling a tasting no less than 2 months in advance. If your event is on a popular weekend (e.g. New Year’s Eve or Memorial Day) please try to schedule an appointment as soon as you can.

Do you charge for consultations?

Yes. The fee is $25 for two & $10 for each additional person up to four. Should you have us make your cake, the $25 amount will be credited toward the final cake total of $300 or more. This fee is due & collected at the time of the tasting.

What is involved with a tasting?

Please come to the tasting with as much information regarding your event as possible. Knowing your venue, floral theme, colors, & overall style will help us in creating the cake that best compliments your event. Bringing photos via Pinterest or magazine clippings of ideas you like is highly encouraged. We’ll speak with you prior to your tasting in order to have the perfect varieties of cakes & fillings for you to try. Together we will create a perfect cake for you & your guests.

How long are the consultations?

We allow one hour for tastings. Please remember that being late will not always allow us enough time to give you the proper attention your event deserves.

How much do you charge for a wedding cake?

Each cake is customized to you & your event so much that it’s hard to have a fixed price. Whipped Cream serving 100 guests? Or fondant? Simple décor or intricate detail? Delivered or picked up? So many variables require our prior communication in order to quote an accurate price.

What’s required in order to have an accurate quote?

In order to receive an accurate price quote, we will NEED the following;

Date of Event: _______________

# of guests: ____________

Exterior Finish:  (buttercream, whipped cream, fondant)

Delivery: (yes or no) ____________

If yes, where: _____________________

**Photos, Pinterest, Internet or Magazine examples (this is a MUST)